St Tropez Gradual Tanning Mousse Review

St Tropez Tanning Mousse

We have had some really beautiful weather in the UK recently and it has made me want a tan even more than usual.  I tan naturally very easily but I haven’t been on holiday for a while and I haven’t been able to make the most of the gorgeous weather here as I’ve been in the office most of the time so I needed a helping hand.  However, I’ve never been a fan of fake tans before for four reasons.  Firstly, I’ve never had a need for them as I’ve always got my golden tan the natural way, secondly, the smell of some of them isn’t very appealing,  lastly I hate that cakey, sticky feeling you get after application so much I just want to immediately wash it all off and the drying time of some seem to really test your patience!

Despite the above, I was on the look out to boost the tan I already had and immediately wanted to see what St Tropez had on offer.  Debenhams actually had a 30% discount on at the time so I was easily persuaded to invest in not one but two tanning products, the Gradual Tanning Mousse which I will be speaking about today and also the Bronzing Mist.

The packaging of all the St Tropez products is simple and stylish, making the product feel more expensive than other every day tanners I have seen on the market. I also like that they all sport the same white background with popping black writing so there is consistency across the brand.

St Tropez Gradual Tanning Mousse is a light foam formula which disappears quickly when I applied to the skin.  I used a tanning mitt to apply it and found that the product quickly absorbs into your skin so drying time is quick but because the foam is white it is hard to tell where you have applied it.  This means it’s pretty easy to miss out patches of skin.  After being careful to apply the tanning mousse evenly all over my body and face (even though this isn’t actually a face tanning product it worked fine for me) I left the product to dry.  This didn’t take long as you only apply a thin layer of this light mousse.  In the morning I could notice a slight difference but seeing as this is a gradual tan the change wasn’t dramatic, which was exactly what I was after.  Over the next few days I applied the tan and slowly it build up, although very slowly.  I think this tan would therefore be ideal for people who have very pale skin rather than those who want to gradually get to a deep tan.  I seemed to reach the point where I didn’t seem to get any browner and it was just a matter of maintaining the colour.

For me this was a great product to start with as I didn’t go from a dramatic pasty to dark brown look but I found a lot of the product washed off so you definitely do need to apply it every day which became a bit tiresome.  I guess that is the nature of the product, though.  This also means you use up  the product pretty quickly and within 3-4 weeks I had used up the large sized bottle.  Instead of replacing it I decided to try my Bronzing Mist as I already had a nice base….. but that review is for another day.

You can buy the St Tropez Gradual mousse from Debenhams for £30.00 full price.  It is available in two sizes (this is the larger one).


Have you tried this tanning mousse? What did you think? What is your favourite fake tan?

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