Tea Tree Oil Review

Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree Oil

How are you all? I thought I would start this blog post with a little life update.  Nothing in particular has gone on but I like to do these little intro’s to my posts sometimes before launching straight into a product review… I hope you enjoy reading them? The past couple of weeks has been busy but for good reasons.  I went to Portugal for a few days with work, my friends gig, a hen do and a short but sweet trip to Torquay with my boyfriend.  I’ve helped one of my best friends with her wedding preparation (hello Lizi if you are reading!), been revising (*falls asleep*) and spending time with my family.  It’s been so hectic I could do with a couple of days to recover but there’s no rest for the wicked as they say! So if you’ve emailed or left a comment etc I promise I’m not ignoring you, I’m reading and replying as quickly as possible and am hoping to get through them all by the end of this week.

So on to today’s review. Luckily I’ve never suffered badly with spots (touch wood) but I do get the odd one now and then, particularly when I’m stressed or run down. When this happens I do one of two things, I either leave them and by the next day they magically disappear on their own (yay!) or for the more stubborn ones I use a dab of Tea Tree oil on a cotton bud.  The smell is very strong and potent, I actually really dislike it but it does the job. Tea tree is known for it’s drying properties so it’s not recommended to use this on large areas but the odd random spot here and there is fine.  I also think it would work well with all skin types, except for very sensitive skin because as I say, it dries the skin which makes the spot heal quicker.

I like that Tea Tree oil is a natural and traditional alternative to harsh ingredients and it definitely does seem to help get those stubborn spots to heal a little quicker than they would on their own. If you like the idea of using Tea Tree oil but not in it’s purest form which is available at Boots for £4.99 (for 10ml) then an alternative would be to use Tea Tree based products such as those offered by The Body Shop.

What are your thoughts on using Tea Tree oil as a remedy to combat spots?

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