Urban Fudge Hairspray Review

Urban Fudge Hairspray
I hope you are all having a good week.  I’m feeling a bit under the weather because I’m run down but I’m hoping it will pass soon as I have a crazy busy weekend coming up that I need to be well for! Keep your fingers crossed please!

So today we will be looking at a hairspray by Urban Fudge.  The first thing that drew me to this product was the amazing packaging.  The shiny shocking pink and orange stripes stand out on the shelf like no other product and as you know, I love a bit of pink so how could I resist taking a closer look? Once I read the label there was no going back.. Iced Raspberry and vanilla scented hairspray sounded amazing and was a refreshing change from the chemical smell hairsprays often have. I didn’t wait another second before popping this beauty in my basket.

Not only does this hairspray smell incredible but it holds my hair firmly in place all day without that hard crisp feeling you are often left with.  That is exactly what I look for in a hairspray.  I prefer for my hair to remain as soft and natural as possible but often that is compromised by the hold. Luckily  this isn’t the case when using Urban Fudge.  Another welcome addition is the anti-frizz properties the Urban Fudge hairspray has. I have naturally curly hair so the more products that help me combat the frizz the better and the formulation of this hairspray doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky or dry which is great.

To use this hairspray you simply hold it a few inches away from your hair and spray a light mist all over. It sets very quickly and it has held my style in place for hours, all day and evening in fact.  The claim is that is lasts 24 hours but to be honest I would never need my style to stay in place that long so I don’t know if that is true.  What I do know is, the Urban Fudge hairspray has performed well every time I have used it and never let me down.  It also brushes out pretty well which is an added bonus.

You can buy the Urban Fudge Hairspray from Superdrug for £4.99.

What do you think of the Urban Fudge hairspray? What is your favourite hairspray?

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  1. Sophie Lowe
    August 6, 2013 / 8:54 am

    Love how it smells nice – I'm often like you and hate the smell of the chemically ones! Great that it brushes out well too!

    Sophie at SOPHisticatexx

  2. Gillian
    August 6, 2013 / 9:26 am

    Ahhh this sounds amazing! I would love to smell it. I like that it doesn't make your hair crunchy. That is my pet hate!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

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