Clynol Wonder 10 Review

Clynol Wonder 10

Clynol Wonder 10

Clynol Wonder 10

Clynol Wonder 10

Quite some time ago, maybe around a year, when I visited the hair dressers for my usual trim I was introduced to a new hair product by Clynol called Wonder 10.  I had never heard of this product before but was intrigued as soon as my hair dresser said it is a treatment that looks to benefit your hair in ten ways.

The 10 ways:

  1. Divine repair and nourishment
  2. Improved detangling
  3. Instant shine and smoothness
  4. UV and colour protection formula
  5. Banished static and frizz
  6. Reduced split ends
  7. Renewed bounce and vitality
  8. Easier blow drying
  9. Restores moisture balance
  10. Pure feather-light formula

I’ve been using Wonder 10 on and off since I bought it and I haven’t been disappointed.  I have naturally curly hair which is prone to frizzing and this product has helped no end.  I use it on towel dried hair around once-twice a week in conjunction with most of the other hair products in my routine.  After use, my hair is soft, smooth and looks healthy.  It dries without frizzing, is bouncy, voluminous and shiny.

This product truly does work wonders for my hair and I love it.  Even after the first use I noticed a big difference and whenever I use it I love the way my hair looks, it always turns out perfectly. It also has a gorgeous sweet, vanilla scent which I adore. This is an absolute must have product!

You can buy Clynol Wonder 10 from Amazon for £7.69.

Have you tried this product?

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  1. Elle Sees
    October 30, 2013 / 12:26 pm

    i've not heard of this, so thanks for sharing!

  2. Kimberley Johnson
    November 2, 2013 / 9:48 am

    No problem 🙂 x

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