Bridesmaids, Flower Girls and Page Boys

Wedding bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys

Over the last few weeks I have been very busy wedding planning and now we have finalised almost all of the major parts of the wedding as well as some of them finer details too. During that time we have spent the most time putting together outfits for some of our wedding party which was definitely easier said than done!

I started by doing a lot of research online, looking at what different styles are available to try and get an idea of what I wanted. I knew I wanted a floaty material like organza rather than satin as it is ideal for our theme but I wasn’t too sure about the style. I spent a lot of time in Pinterest which was helpful to some extent but what really mattered was what was available on the market to buy.

Looking at the high street as a starting point I was very disappointed to find there wasn’t anywhere that had any dresses in a style or colour I liked for my Maids of Honour. I wanted to start with their dresses first so I could choose a style for my bridesmaids/flower girls that would compliment them rather than clash if the colours were very different. Due to this I then started looking at bridal boutiques which have bridesmaid dresses and we had a fun outing to one of them where my two besties tried on lots of different dresses. By the end we had a favourite but there were still a few things niggling at me about it plus they took three long months to arrive before any alterations which was pretty tight so was making me feel uneasy. The hunt continued.

A few people had recommended a shop which specialises in prom and bridesmaid dresses and one of my Maids of Honour actually got hers from there. I’ve found with wedding planning it is always better to go with a recommendation as there are so many companies out there it can be a bit risky going with one you haven’t heard of before so I booked an appointment.

As soon as we entered the shop this store was much better. The staff were friendly and the layout of the dresses were far better as you could easily see the individual styles. They also had several huge swatch books so you could look for the perfect colour to match your theme. I brought my invitation along and this really helped a lot because there was a particular shade I was looking for.. it actually turned out to be far easier to find than I had expected!

The girls, my mum and I spent some time searching the racks of dresses and after choosing a handful the girls began trying them on. There were some styles we quickly rules out and others we loved and slowly we worked ourselves through the pile with only 3 favourites remaining. The final style we decided on is one that everyone loved and we couldn’t fault. It looks very pretty, fits the theme and is different to what any of our friends has had before which I like. It’s actually a completely different style to what any of us had in mind oriinally but I love it!

Next it was the turn of the bridesmaids/flower girls who if I’m honest I thought would be very easy to buy for. I wanted to have a traditional style dress for them so again started my hunt on the highstreet but had also found some beautiful dresses at the bridal shop I had visited with my Maids of Honour. There were a lot of styles available but as my flower girls are aged 9 and 11 plus differ in size a lot I was restricted because of the age limits. It soon become a big challenge to find a dress we liked which suited both girls and was available in a size big enough for them both but after spending many hours searching I found four styles I wanted them to try.

Originally we wanted to take a fun shopping trip with the girls to see the dresses but unfortunately that was proving impossible because they just didn’t have what we needed in stock so instead I ended up buying them all online so they could try them on together at home. This actually worked perfectly because the girls found it fun and they didn’t have to trawl around the shops! Two out of the four styles I loved but the final choice is one that goes very well with the Maids of Honour dresses and made the girls feel like ‘princesses’. It was definitely the one! Now I just need to get some sashes made to make them perfect!

Last but not least, we have a page boy who was the easiest to find an outfit for. From the start we had decided we wanted him to match Simon, the groom and we can’t wait to see him in his outfit!

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