My Top 5 Jewellery Picks


Pandora Majestic Flowers Necklace | £95.00

Pandora Bow Cubic Zirconia Silver Ring | £40.00

Swarovski Christie Earrings | £49.00

Links of London Essentials Hope Hinged Bangle | £150

Links of London Star Dust Square Bracelet | £120

Like most women I love jewellery and with Christmas fast approaching there’s lot of beautiful pieces available in stores. I decided to share some of my favourite’s with you and have picked my Top 5 over a variety of brands.

Firstly, I love these pink crystal earrings as not only are they my favourite colour but they are very pretty. I wear studs a lot as they are more practical and these are ones I would wear on a daily basis. I like the oval shape too, I’ve seen similar ones like this which have been round so these are a little more unusual and a nice size.

Next I’ve chosen an adorable ring with Cubic Zirconia detailed across the unusual beautiful bow detailing. I’ve never seen a ring like this and I love that it is so dainty. This would look great as a every day ring or to bling up an outfit, it’s so fun and girly.

I’ve also chosen a beautiful feather pendant which again has Cubic Zirconia detailing. I like necklaces which fall like this and this one is really different to any others in my collection. It would look gorgeous against a really simple outfit like a little black dress and would be perfect to wear over the festive season.

Last but not least I have two bangles, one in silver and one in a more unusual rose gold. The silver bangle is a twist on the more traditional plain ones and I like the simplicity of it. It would go with any outfit. Conversely, I also love the rose gold one as it has rounded edges and a delicate cut mesh which I imagine would sparkle gently as it catches the light. It also has some beautiful detailing on two sides to make this more than a simple bangle.

I absolutely love all of the jewellery featured on my list and I hope you do too. To take a look at a wider selection click here.


Which is your favourite item on my list?

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  1. Hello Beth
    October 19, 2015 / 11:01 am

    I have never really gotten into jewellery, I mean I wear and purchase little bits every now and again but not very much. However, after reading this I now want all these pieces including the Pandora bow ring and the Links of London bangle. Lovely post.

    Beth x

  2. Shay x
    October 20, 2015 / 6:58 am

    Really beautiful jewellery!!

    Shay x

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