My 2017 Reflections

2017 reflections
2017 has had it’s highs and lows and I spent at least half of it being poorly with numerous throat infections not expecting I had actually achieved very much.  But on reflection, overall it has been a pretty positive year.  I often try to take moments to reflect and look back on things. It’s so easy to get caught up in the every day routine of life and not step back and actually look at what you have and how lucky you are. In 2017 i’ve tried do this far more often and I am so thankful for everyone’s support and love this year. It has been incredible.

I’d like to share some of my reflections with you:


My Career

I thought long and hard about my career and what I could potentially do to progress. After much deliberation I decided to take the jump from managing my team, a role I enjoyed but wasn’t giving me the exposure I needed to a Project Manager. This step has allowed me to work directly on numerous projects across different areas of the business and IT teams. I only switched roles in August so it’s still early days but I’m already seeing some benefits of the move and I think I made the right decision. Only time will tell for sure.


My Confidence

 I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone this year. Confidence is something people have often brought up with me and it’s true i’m not the loudest person in the room or very good at self promotion or always believe in my abilities as much as I should but I do think i’m more confident than people give me credit for.  This year I wanted to prove that the ‘label’ people have given me years ago wasn’t necessarily still 100% the case.

I’ve tried to speak up more often.  I take the lead whenever I can and when I’ve been to external work events i’ve networked and even approached people about mentoring.  I’m really pleased I took the plunge and did these things. I’m a people person and taking these steps has helped prove to others I’m not as shy and quiet as everyone thinks!


Turning 30

This year I turned dirty thirty eeeek! I wasn’t at all happy about this. In fact I absolutely dreaded it as it felt so ‘old’ compared to my twenties or teenage years but actually it was amazing. My family and Husband planned an incredible week of surprises including a Champneys spa break, amazing meals at numerous restaurants including the La Gavroche (which is now my absolute favourite!) and special gifts that mean so much to me.

All the amazing memories we created definitely made it worth turning thirty and I wish I could do it all over again.


My Fur Baby

In 2017 we had some scares with my dogs health and it terrified me. She is my world and I love her more than words can describe. Earlier in the year she became very poorly with pneumonia and then cushings disease.  Thankfully, she recovered from the pneumonia and we are able to control the cushings so her health has improved massively. I am so  thankful to all the veterinary staff for what they did.  She got through it and this horrible time really makes you realise what is is important in your life.  The people and animals you love and cherish.



This year I spent a lot of time just enjoying the hobbies I love.  I had the opportunity to read a few books, which I really enjoy as it allows me to escape to new worlds. In 2016 I set myself the goal to read 50 books which was a big challenge but I really enjoyed it. It was nice last year to get back into reading again but in a more relaxed way.

I also spent a lot of time making special gifts for friends and family using crochet. This is something my mum taught me when I was little and in recent years I’ve gone back to. This year though, I took it far more seriously and I made several big cosy blankets, some cute teddies and snuggly accessories such as hats and scarves.

Although I’ve loved doing more of the above there has been a big gap this year and that is blogging. I’ve missed it so much but I haven’t felt ready to dive back in. With my health being so up and down I didn’t the I could give it thededication it needs. It feels so good to finally be back!


My Health

 I’ve touched upon it a little already but my health has been a big thing this year. I was diagnosed with IBS  a few years ago which is a condition caused by stress. After some research i’d realised I hadn’t been tested for other serious illnesses which have similar symptoms. This year I decided that needed to happen so I could have peace of mind it wasn’t anything more serious.

I am pleased to say after various tests, everything is fine. This means I do suffer from IBS but it’s manageable and i’m thankful it isn’t anything else more serious.  I also found out I am intolerant to some foods so I’ve cut out dairy and only have gluten occasionally. Since doing this I have seen such a big difference in my health!

During the first half of 2017 I also had around six  throat infections.  I’ve struggled with this on and off for years and was sent to see a specialised in July to get it checked out. I’m now on the waiting list for my tonsils to be removed.  I’ve also discovered this could potentially be linked to my food intolerances which since cutting out diary touch wood I haven’t had any more infections. Fingers crossed it stays that way!


What were your 2017 Achievements?

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