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Today I want to share with you some ideas around creating wedding checklists. This is the approach I took to wedding planning and it really helped me to stay organised and keep track of everything I needed to do. Something which is key in order to stop feeling overwhelmed like many brides to be experience.

If you have recently got engaged and are wondering where on earth you start when it comes to wedding planning you also might want to read my blog post on ‘Start Planning Your Wedding – Where to Begin’ as this will offer you some more tips on where to begin.

Start planning your wedding

When it comes to a wedding checklist you can use them for a variety of areas but first things first. Where do you create these lists? I used two methods. Firstly, I used a wedding planner and notebook. Two friends kindly bought us a gorgeous planner and notebook as engagement gifts which was a great space to get creative. I liked using them at the beginning of my planning when I was in the dark about what we wanted and I had loads of ideas floating around my head. Getting them onto paper really helped.

Further down the line, I used spreadsheets as check lists. This worked well as I was able to filter the results and easily colour code everything. I was also able to share these with suppliers which they were very grateful for.

So what wedding checklist do you need to create? The answer is, totally up to you. It’s an indiividual thing and not an approach that will appeal to everyone. There’s no one best way to do anything but if you are like me and are super organised (or want to be) below are some ideas you may like. They are all based on my own experience of wedding planning.

Wedding checklist: Inspiration

The first list I created was a basic list of all the ideas I had when it came to our wedding day. This included a wide range of areas and were items I either thought of myself, I’d discussed with my loved ones or I’d come across during my wedding research.

This isn’t a final list of everything you want for your wedding. See it more as an iniital wish list. I captured everything we liked and wanted to consider so we could read through and decide on what would work.

Some examples include:

  • Personal vows
  • Traditional wedding
  • Pink theme
  • Confetti balloons
  • Ice sculptures
  • Candles in lanterns
  • Memory candle for those who can’t be with us
  • Chocolate fountain

wedding checklist

Wedding checklist: What to Book/Do

This is your ‘holy grail’ wedding checklist. This is basically a high level view of everything you need to book for a wedding, whether it be traditional or otherwise.

Some examples include:

  • Consider, visit and book Church and reception venues
  • Register the marriage
  • Research and buy wedding insurance
  • Send Save the dates (this doesn’t have to be cards, we had magnets!)
  • Book a photographer
  • Arrange a florist
  • Book evening entertainment
  • Buy your wedding dress

I plan to write up a full wedding checklist so watch this space if that is something you are interested in reading.

wedding checklist

Wedding Checklist: Who to invite vs Who is attending

Something you need to think about early on is who you are going to invite to your wedding. This is one of the first things you need to consider because it will dictate what size venues you need and the type of venue too.  For us it had to be suitable for a range of ages from a 3 month old – 96 year old.

The number of people will also impact the price of your wedding. The more people, the more drinks, the more food, the more favours etc. It all adds up very quickly.

My husband and I wrote down an initial list of who we would invite and we asked our parents to do the same. We then combined the lists, went through them together one last time and had our final numbers we would be working on for our day and evening guests.

You can use this same list later on to track the responses to your invitations so you know who is attending and who isn’t. This will be important as some of the suppliers will need to know this. I found the easiest way to track this is in a spreadsheet.  I created some simple logic to calculate the numbers too . It’s also a useful place to store names and addresses as you may need to share these with suppliers when creating your invitations (unless you are creating them yourself).

wedding checklist

Wedding checklist: What people are eating

Depending on your choice of food you can make use of that same guest list again. For our wedding breakfast we had a sit down three course meal and gave our guests a few options for each course. We sent out these details as an extra card within our invitations.

Collating this in a spreadsheet worked really well as I had one for invitations and attendance and another covering food. This meant I could copy and paste a lot of the information which saved time and had it to hand to send to the suppliers when I needed to.

There is also more awareness now around food intolerances and allegies so it is fundamental these are properly noted. You don’t want to make anyone poorly on your wedding day!

Wedding checklist: Working with suppliers

Another useful wedding planning checklist to create is for the suppliers.  Initially this could be for a list of all the suppliers you are considering to book, see it as a short list.  Once you have spoken with them, asked the necessary questions and decided to go ahead and work with them they can be added to your final suppliers check list.

Items to track with your supplier are their name and contact details, how much they charge, when you have to pay them by (it’s usually two weeks or more before your wedding day). You can also list out questions and when you last heard from them. I made a note of when I last spoke to the suppliers we used too and made sure I touched base with them occasionally to make sure everything was still in place for our wedding day. This was particularly important to me as some suppliers we booked 9 months or so in advance.

That’s a summary of the key Wedding Checklists you can create to help your special day run as smoothly as possible. It worked really well for me and it’s definitely a technique I would turn to when planning other special occasions.

Will you be creating a wedding checklist?

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