Must Have Beauty Gift Sets Christmas 2018

If you are looking for some last minute inspiration for beauty related gifts, look no further. I have selected my must have Beauty Gift Sets for Christmas 2018- here are my top five.

Laura Mercier Shadows & Lights Caviar Stick Eye Contour Collection – £30.00 

I was totally blown away when I saw the price point of the Shadows and Lights gift set by Laura Mercier. This makes it a must have product for any beauty fans out there. The offering is a stunning set of four shadow sticks for the price of £30, usually priced at £23 each, meaning if you were to buy these products individually it would cost you a grand total of £92! 

If the price isn’t enough to tempt you the gorgeous shades will be. Unlike many beauty sets all four shades are very wearable. They can easily be used for both evening and day wear, combined or individually. In fact, there isn’t a single shade I wouldn’t use which is quite something as it isn’t unusual for brands to throw in an odd ball shade when it comes to gift sets. 

If you know a beauty fan who loves natural smoky eye makeup, this gift set will be right up their street!

Available at various stores including John Lewis.

Laura Mercier Shadows & Lights Caviar Stick Eye Contour Collection
Laura Mercier Shadows & Lights Caviar Stick Eye Contour Collection

MAC Shiny Pretty Things Lip Goody Bag – £29.00

Calling all MAC fans! This years biggest temptation at MAC are there festive make-up bags filled with three beautiful lip products. These are available in two colours, either red or nude tones. Included in this gem is a lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss which all compliment each other perfectly. 

I particularly like that the bag is also simple and small so can be used as a makeup bag on the go for your most important products. 

This is another great gift set when it comes to value for money…. I have purchased the nude one myself and the products are gorgeous.

Available at various stores including MAC Cosmetics.

MAC Shiny Pretty Things Lip Goody Bag
MAC Shiny Pretty Things Lip Goody Bag

Jo Malone London Christmas Ornament – £22.00

If you want to splash out on high end beauty but at an affordable price consider the Jo Malone London Christmas Ornament. Firstly, this shimmering packaging is perfect for Christmas time let alone the contents. The hidden treasure is a beautiful pairing of the spirited Wood, Sage and Sea Salt Cologne plus the mellow English Pear and Freesia Body Crème. The perfect treat for the loved one in your life.

Available at Jo Malone.

Jo Malone Christmas Ornament
Jo Malone Christmas Ornament

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Gift Set Vol 2 – £65.00

Who doesn’t love rose gold? These stunning handcrafted brushes by Zoeva should be no exception. They are perfect for applying every day makeup and the mix of eight brushes covers all the essentials 

from foundation application to eyes. They feature high quality natural hair and can be used with both cream and powder brushes. 

They would make a beautiful addition to any makeup table.

Available at Cult Beauty.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Gift Set Vol 2
Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Gift Set Vol 2

Elemis Pro- Collagen Cleanse and Glow Gift Set – £59.00

If you want to double up on giving skin a treat and offering your loved one some relaxation this Christmas it will be hard to beat the Pro-Collagen Cleanse and Glow gift set. 

Elemis is one of my favourite skin care brands as it is gentle on my sensitive skin yet leaves it feeling clear and nourished. This award winning balm deep cleanses, softens and smooths the skin to perfection. It is a gorgeous product. 

But that’s not all. Elemis have paired this wonderful cleansing balm with an equally stunning candle. It’s beautiful packaging is perfect for the Christmas season and would suit many home décor styles. The silver cylinder is simple, elegant and classy. I especially love the detailed cut out shapes which means the glow from the flickering candle radiates out giving an even more cosy feel to the room. This candle could easily be used all year around, particularly as the fragrance is a calming blend of lavender, eucalyptus and geranium. 

This is a perfect gift for anyone who is already a fan of this brand or wants to try it… I’m hoping santa bring me one of these

Available at Elemis.

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleanse and Glow Gift Set
Elemis Pro Collagen Cleanse and Glow Gift Set

What is on your wish list for Santa?


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