What camera do you use to take your blog photo’s?

When I first started blogging I used my iPad to take photo’s, quickly followed by the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ21. This is not something I recommend as when I look back at those posts now they do look pretty cringe worthy and as tempted as I am to replace all the photo’s I haven’t as it shows the progression my blog has taken over the years.

If i were to go back in time I would definitely use a proper, good quality camera to take blog photos, even right from the beginning. This doesn’t have to be a very expensive camera but given blogs are very visual it is better to have good quality photo’s than dark, dull ones.

For a number of years now I have used the Cannon 600d which I cannot fault. I love this camera!

Do you edit your photo’s? If you do, what program do you use?

I have used a number of photo editing software over the years including Paint Shop Pro, Paint Shop Pro X and Photoshop. I try to edit my photo’s as little as possible and focus more on getting the initial shots right.. when they lighting wants to play ball!

Who designed your layout?

My layouts are mostly designed by myself but my latest one was designed by the lovely Stacey at Beautiful Solutions.

Do I accept PR samples and can you advertise on my blog?

Yes, I do accept PR samples and I do allow people to advertise their blog or company on my site as long as they fit in with my content.  More information can be found on my PR Page. Note: there is a small monthly fee for advertisements.

Can I request a post?

Yes, I would love to hear your suggestions. Just pop me an email.

Do you offer slots for guest posts?

At the moment i’m not offering any opportunities for guest posts but this might change in the future.

How often to you write new content?

Prior to having to take a break from blogging I would post new content daily.  After my 2018 launch I will be looking to post 2-3 times per week.